Reminder! Fred and I are running in the PA Warrior Dash on June 16 and raising money for St. Jude Children's Hospital! Our goal is $250 each, but obviously the more we raise the better. If you're looking for a place to plunk down a few philanthropic dollars, St. Jude's is a great option. My fundraising page is here and Fred's is here if you would like to contribute!

On with the links.

I've always thought that Ashley Judd was a rather smart, sassy and likable lady. I was, however, unaware that she is apparently also a superhero and her superpower is to eviscerate misogyny with language. High five, lady. High. Five.

A Game of Boners.

How to make it through a rough patch.

Who hasn't fantasized about living in an Airstream camper? You haven't? Well then just GTFO of my internet. I'll take this one, please, with a side of cross-country adventure.

5 steps to up your Personal Dignity Quotient (PDQ).

I once had a little window herb garden and I loved it very much. Alas, the cute vintage Pyrex containers that I thrifted were a might too shallow and my kitchen window a might too shadowed and *SNIFF* my herbs just didn't make it. When I eventually live somewhere with HUGE windows just GUSHING natural light (because I will, dammit) I'm so doing this window garden. So cute! So simple! So pretty!


I loved Where The Hell Is Matt, so I was psyched when Steve of one of my favorite exercise blogs, Nerd Fitness, decided to undertake making a similar video where he exercises all over the world. How fun!

Proper Opossum Poetry Corner. That is all you need to know about this.

Happy Friday, friends! Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

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