Space dramas and cats are my two favorite things. Gosh, I wish there were some way to combine them into an epic video and OH WAIT LOOK.

I have terrible springtime allergies. While spring is my favorite time of year, it is simultaneously my most miserable. In addition to the general scent of nature, my sinuses are angered by perfume, most cleaning products, scented deodorant and anything meant to smell like flowers. So I'm going to take a crack at making these DIY "Vicks" vapor shower disks this weekend.

I love, LOVE! alfalfa sprouts. I put giant fistfuls of them on my salads and sandwiches. Unfortunately, the people at the farmer's market say they're out of season. So I'ma sprout my own sprouts, thank you.

How to make infused vodka. Yes.

Do you like seeing what people keep in their kitchens? I'm always curious. Is that weird? Anyway, Angela from Oh She Glows is dishing what's in her vegan pantry and I am Oh So Jealous.

I have always been absolute crap at following up after job interviews. They'll call me if they want me, right? Right??? No? Oh. Huh. Useful Life Skill: How to follow up on a job interview (without being annoying).

If you're planting a garden this year, it's (past) time to get those seeds going! I'm cheating and buying plants from a greenhouse, but if you're the seed-starting type, this DIY greenhouse looks perrrrrrfect and so easy.

And for those of us who still don't own any grown-up jewelry because we're insufferably cheap (hi): Precious Gem Jewelry for Non-Precious Girls.

And lastly...

Dear Gamer Nerds,
Is anyone still playing Skyrim (I am), or have you all jumped ship for ME3? No matter.
This is amazing.

Enjoy your weekend!