This is unbelievably awesome + gorgeous:

Made by Hand / No 3 The Beekeeper from Made by Hand on Vimeo.


What happens when a dude decides to donate one of his kidneys to a total stranger, just to be awesome? 30 people follow suit and pay it forward. Un-friggin-believable.

When Nicole Graham and her horse became stuck in quicksand-like mud, she first got her daughter and her daughter's horse to safety, and then she stayed by her horse's side for 3 hours, holding his head above the mud and comforting him, until help arrived. Good grief, I get choked up just looking at those photos. Bravo, lady. Good on you.

If there's two things I can totally get behind, it's 1) efficient use of tiny spaces, and 2) theme hotels. So obviously I want to move into one of these glass igloos post-haste. Obvious question: Can't all of your fellow guests see you getting it on? Are the Finnish less self-conscious about that?

This is not a new article, or new news, for that matter: Eaters, beware: Walmart is taking over our food system. Crazy, ridiculously important stuff. I haven't shopped in a Wal-mart since last year and I've decided that I'm just never going back. Now if I can just give up Sam's Club...

1811 Dictionary in the Vulgar Tongue. You're welcome.

We are heading down to Ye Olde Ikea this weekend to track down one of these to do something sort of like this. People with cats - do you have any suggestions for how to hide a litterbox/contain its contents? Especially when one of your cats is apparently an olympic litterbox vaulter?

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