Miss Audrey

I know, I know. Cat Lady, right? But this little muffin never lets me make photos of her, so this is probably the only one you'll ever see. Isn't she pretty?


The Green Monster

Ok, so I know this looks pretty gross. Frankly, it looks more like something that should be coming out of a person than something that you would deliberately put in. But guys? This is seriously the most delicious drink I've ever had that doesn't include vodka.

49/365 — The Green Monster

This is the Green Monster, from Angela at Oh She Glows. It's as easy as throwing a bunch of junk in a blender, and it's jam-packed full of healthiness: Spinach! Bananas! Flax Seed! Almond Milk! I've been drinking these once a day for two solid weeks and I feel amazing. They've even nearly replaced coffee as my morning drink-of-choice, which is no small feat. (Protip for the lazy: I use Nutella instead of making nut butter.)

I'm still really loving the Classic Green Monster, but when that gets old I'm looking forward to trying all of these other recipes from Angela's dedicated Green Monster website.

Old Time

Old Time, in whose banks we deposit our notes
Is a miser who always wants guineas for groats;
He keeps all his customers still in arrears
By lending them minutes and charging them years.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes


Hide and Seek

I went to my friends Jay and Rachel's house to watch the superbowl.

Ok, they watched the superbowl.

I played hide and seek with their cats.


O herro!

"No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does."

- Christopher Morley

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