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Things You Can Buy For Me: Fauna Friends!

Tokyo Times has these fantastic photographs of an abandoned but perfectly preserved Japanese school. Something about the lighting feels very inviting to me. I'd love to spend the day there.
"Berger stared at the bruise and dung colors of his office. Voices mossy-thick as a tree where it comes out of the grass scrabbled at him through a hollow blur. There was a boom box stuck on his shoulder. Some street kid had thrown it at him, and now it was embedded in his flesh, locked forever on a hard rock station, turning him into a dedicated seeker after truth who couldn’t hear himself seek."

"He opened the drawer of his crotch-high file cabinet. The hang files on their tracks reminded him of claws on the guard-rails of transcendence suspended over a primordial pit. Withdrawing a letter, he took it to Father Xerox and pressed the print button. The technological monster transluced into life with a chuffling sound of dolorous vigor like children rollerskating in hell."

How does your state excel (or not)? We Pennsylvanians have the most organic mushrooms AND crumbling dams in need of repair. So you Marylanders with your "Most Academic Research Funding" can SUCK IT.

I will not cry on my keyboard. (Ok, yes I will.)

Buy Local Honey to Make Sure You’re Really Getting Honey, and Support Local Beekeepers. Because it may not be honey at all, which is scary. We buy ours from the farmer's market and it's made in the next county over AND is ten times more delicious than anything that every came out of a plastic bear.

This video is on the long side, but I think it's incredibly important to watch.
Gardening as a Subversive Act:

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